Almost there, one more chemo date to go


I am almost done with the chemo part of my treatment. Almost there! Just one more round ahead of me. One more and I am done, hard to believe! Not that I want to complete, but this dating feels so long, it feels like the longest dating in the history of all dates.

I wouldn’t call these eleven dates nice. The word to use might be interesting. Yes, interesting feels like the word to describe dates that you are not in love with but you can make happen. I cannot say I will be sad when this dating period ends. I got my share of excitement to last me for the rest of my life. I had people pitying me, my brother threw up, my mother made enough latkes and my mom in law made enough food to burst all the freezers on our entire street.

I think it’s time to end this delightful part of our life. No, I am not counting any chickens before they hatch. I am still pretty careful. I wash my hands pretty much all the time, I still wear a mouth cover on my subway rides and I still keep away from my petri dish little son when he brings his tons of germs from his day care. I do not want to delay my last party date, no way Jose.

Chemo is so boring

There are some signs that I am at the end of the chemo treatment. For example, my hair started to grow back. I found out when my eyebrows first started to come back in areas that I really didn’t need. And then my mom came to me: “Oh, look your hair is growing back, even in the areas they never grew before,” she said with a happy smile. “No, I will look like a chimpanzee crossed with neanderthal man,” I cried with terror and ran to the bathroom. Sure enough my eyebrows are back and my hair seems to be growing – but I still don’t see them being curly or even wavy. Well as you know “hope dies last.” The only perk I was excited about and that was basically promised to me by my nurse, my leg hair didn’t fall off.  I just cannot believe it and it sucks! If you ask me, don’t do chemo just because you don’t like waxing or shaving. It is not worth it!

Another sign of the times to end chemo dating is that I literally cannot stomach the free cappuccino that you get at the hospital waiting room. I made the mistake of drinking it while being at the treatment and my brain decided to make the connection between cappuccino and chemo. That sucks too! So here is another piece of wisdom: Do not drink cappuccino while having chemo dripping in your vein! I know that my husband will definitively miss his cup of of free coffee.


My Friday chemo program might be at the end, but I am not crying. I started another adventure.  Every Friday for the next 6 weeks I will be going to acupuncture to put my body back into normality. If the acupuncture can treat at least some of the side effects of my dates, I will be more than happy.  Nothing against insomnia, but I can imagine better things to do at 3 in the morning than my brain racing like crazy while the rest of my body is so tired that I cannot walk straight. Even neuropathy can be useful, especially if you buy too small shoes and since you cannot feel your toes you might be able to wear shoes like Cinderella.  But the part of not feeling your fingers is kinda unpleasant, especially since you might need your fingers to jam your toes into those fabulous shoes. The same goes for the fatigue and shortness of breath, man you really do need some oxygen in your body. I guess there goes the idea of people moving to Mars. Try eleven rounds of chemo and you will really start rethinking the whole idea.

So next week we will say good bye to chemo. And yes we definitively plan to bring a small bottle of champagne because nothing says celebration better than this bubbly french drink. Maybe I might bring some strawberries and whipped cream too, to celebrate in style. And just in case I will be fatigued, I will bring my sleeping bag with me because I just don’t want to miss my last chemo date.




4 thoughts on “Almost there, one more chemo date to go

  1. So happy your “dates” are almost over. Love that you are going for acupuncture. What a great idea. Knowing Linda I’m sure it would take 2 blocks of freezers! Lv u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are very happy too cannot wait to have this over with! I believe in acupuncture too we will see how much it works though…and yes I think the whole neighborhood will have enough food to last a month 🙂


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