I am like Rocky, right?

ROCKY IV, Sylvester Stallone, 1985, © MGM / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Officially, I am starting the second half of my chemo treatment. As my husband mentioned I am behind the “hump.” From now on I am counting down. Hurray, hurray for that!

“You are like Rocky. Definitively like him.” Said my husband and started to whistle the winning tune from the iconic movie. “I like that!” I answered with a proud smile while I started to imagine myself running the Philly museum steps in my hoodie, jumping up and down and chasing a random motorbike. “Seriously, he was what in his ring? Twelve rounds, just like you.” Continued my husband with his idea of me fighting the chemo just like Rocky. “Yeah, I am like Rocky, getting beaten by left hook, right hook and than in the end I stand up! Just like Rocky!”I started to dance around the living room pretending toe be the greatest boxing champion ever. “Are you sure he was there twelve rounds? I had no idea that’s that many rounds to be beaten in a boxing ring.” I started with my questions as, to be honest, I have about zero knowledge about boxing. And it would just be too good to be true that me and Rocky would be in the ring twelve rounds.

“I actually don’t know either” said my husband.  “And he lost. So maybe you are not like him.”

“Wait a minute Rocky lost? When? Did I really completely forgot the whole story?”

“Yeah, he kinda lost but don’t worry, just to the top champion, and then he won in the 2nd movie.” My husband tried to save the whole idea of me being this super star of chemo. “And don’t forget, in the last movie, Rocky got cancer and he beats it. ” This is getting serious – I really forgot everything about these classic movies. The only thing I remember is Rocky getting the shit beat out of him and him running up those Philly stairs.

Anna is Rockyrocky_pub01_-_h_2015

Awesome, I am just like Rocky! Even though right now it feel after every new round of chemo like I am getting the shit beaten out of me, I am going to get to those Philly stairs and I will be able to run up them. That’s for sure, if Rocky can, I will do it too! I will run up those steps and get very sweaty and very tired but I will get to the top! But for now I am in that part where everyone just feels very worried and scared because the main hero is in kinda bad shape.


6 thoughts on “I am like Rocky, right?

  1. And like Wonder Woman, and SuperWoman too! Something tells me that you are and have been just like them EVERYDAY! You are a force that the world has rarely known and we are all blessed by your daily messages! Thank you, Zeus-ette!

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  2. “And he lost. So maybe you are not like him.”

    Hillarious! I guess that’s what husbands are for!!

    I’m sure they are worried and scared, and have reason to be. Right here, right now, they also have you in their life and so have a very big reason to be grateful. As they say in Manchester, yer a star, what are yer?

    Wishing you well

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    1. Ha ha ha I can hear that Manchester accent right now! Edwin the mushroom guy 😀 You should hear our Rocky debate you would really have a kick out of it because this is exactly how it went and a little further you know us! 😀


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