Third week with breast cancer

by Jordan Rathkopf, my hubby. the best ever

It’s been three weeks since my diagnosis. Our life changed not only with the cooking and juicing, but also with our everyday thinking. It is still up and down, and down and up, but it is not so bad.

During this third week we celebrated my in-laws 50th anniversary and the snow fell yet again on New York and made everything so much nicer and fun.


The beets are crawling up to my ears. The taste of sweetness and earth. The deep red color. I come to my mom: “I need a beet break.” Mom just laughs: “I was waiting for you to come up with that. I was shocked you were able to take it for so long without a break.” Yes, I am still juicing, but now it’s more an ode to carrots. Carrots and one thousand and one ways to put it into a juice.

My husband is also trying new recipes, he just recently put on his wizard hat and created a nice green one: kale, green apple, lemon and celery. By the way, the juicing works! I started to get a cold but the viruses ran away so fast that I was almost healthy the next day. I should get commissions from some juicing company. I am a great sales representative and even my colleague is thinking about buying one for herself.

My husband is taking our healthy diet very seriously. “My body cannot take anymore vitamins and healthy food” complains my mom as she runs away from yet another good and healthy dinner made by my husband from our new “The Breast Cancer Cookbook.”   I am thrilled! The book is awesome, as is the food. The only problem is that my husband read the small fact that too much salt is not good, so not a lot of salt in his food. Oh, poor me, I love salt.  If you give me a choice between chocolate and kimchi I would go for kimchi. This is just another thing that I will hold against this disease. Just not fair at all.


This third week was also about waiting. Waiting for my lumpectomy and getting the insane cells out of my body. I am getting used to all of this, used to the fact that my body, my own body, is able to betray me and create cells that I don’t want to have.

I also realized there might be just one more downer. I won’t have another biological child. By the time I will finish all my treatments I will be 42, and even though I won’t be that old, I don’t want to jeopardize anything by having yet another hormonal swing. I believe adoption might be the right way for us. We have enough love to share with another person.

I think everybody will be happier because I am not sure if they could handle more of my pregnancy kimchi cravings. Interesting how many people hate the smell of a nice big jar of kimchi. As I am writing this, my mouth is filling with saliva. I am like one of Pavlov’s dogs.


Even with all these ups and downs, we can still have fun and laugh. My humor is getting darker, yes, definitively darker. Soon I might get bald from the chemo and that would be something new. I am thinking about buying a pink wig. Who could tell a breast cancer patient that her hairstyle is too much?






8 thoughts on “Third week with breast cancer

  1. Hi. I was recently diagnosed triple positive. Had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy last week. How did you change your diet besides the juicing? I don’t know much about juicing, would like to know more and I’m trying to make best diet changes, too. Any suggestions are appreciated. I find out my treatment plan next week. So happy to find your post! Thank you!


    1. HI, I just found out I am triple positive too. I had the same surgery two weeks ago. I started to juice every day for breakfast. At least three cups of green tea a day, cut out bread and sugar. I started to eat tons of vegetables, anything with green leafs is great (the best are kale, spinach, swiss chard), from fruits mostly berries, pomegranate otherwise carrots and beets. Japanese and korean food is amazing for breast cancer. So my day looks like juice for breakfast (beet, carrot, lemon or beet, mango, orange or green apple, kale, ginger, lemon and never ending variations on veggies and fruits we are even trying to invent our own). Then I have rolling oat with almond milk and chia seeds with some honey as a snack, rice noodles with walnuts and feta cheese and some lettuce for lunch, apple and then salad with anything for dinner. I just met with my oncologist last Wednesday she is very much into exercise for at least half an hour a day. I also got my plan. 12 weeks of weekly chemo, then month off then radiation 5 weeks 5 days a week, after the intensive chemo I will be getting every three weeks 12 rounds another small chemo, once I start radiation I will be also getting tamoxifen for 5 years…so tough but worthy, definitively worthy! We will make it!


      1. Thank you for your positive response! Were you vegan or vegetarian to begin with? I am impressed with your dedication. Is your whole family eating this way as well? Sorry to go on about the food, but it’s interesting to me. Regarding exercise, I’m a runner, hoping to get back to that eventually, but for now I have been walking and using my bike on a stationary trainer. Started some light free weights, too (with caution as sentinel lymph biopsy area is still awkward). I am anxious to see if my plan is similar to yours. Four days to find out!


      2. I was vegetarian for a while but that was five years ago. Yes, we all started to eat healthy my husband says that this finally pushed him to be more health conscious and our little guy doesn’t mind but we still cook slightly different kind of dishes for him. Trust me I go about food all the time and I have to say that it really helps that all of us are doing it. My biopsy arm is still a little akward too I have been stretching it but it seems that it will need more time than I have anticipated. I still cannot feel the underarm. Let me know what your plan is seems like a lot to me to tell you the truth but in the end I will still do it. I just hope that my chemo will go ok. Starting on Feb 10.


    1. Thank you for the offer, you are so nice, for real! To be honest I am not sure if I will use a wig or not, our little guy doens’t like the idea I tried one and he hated that..but I will let you know just in case I change my opinon! Thanks for real, Karen!


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